Our Story.

We are a firm deeply rooted in user experience. We believe design is the layer between a mediocre product and a great one.

Design infuses our thinking as we formulate and produce apps. We always put the user first.

After producing stellar user experiences for apps at Apple & Microsoft, we tried our hand at creating our own apps. We forumlated a creative process that bring innovation to light, then gathered a top-notch engineering team that makes it happen.

We want to take you through that journey and partner with you to create the next winning app.



Esther Kuperman

As a UI/UX design expert, Esther has been involved with thinking up and designing innovative mobile and web apps. Her knowledge of what it takes to build a product that will gain traction has saved companies time and money. With Esther's background in design for leading brands, she adds a unique perspective of how to design the product to create viral loops and increase a user base.